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Brief Reflection on Meeting with Ed Baxter (RE: Bedtime Monologues)

My initial proposal for Bedtime Monologues was to present the work as a one-off broadcast in early 2018.

The conversation (111017) with Ed from Resonance was very thought-provoking and inspiring. Thanks to his advice and support, this piece of work really took off the ground today.

Instead of working towards a single broadcast, the new plan (in the making) is to present a short series of several sessions - each with a different collaborator - creating diversity to the work combining a variety of unique aesthetics, recordings, samples, worlds of sound, knowledge and stories to share.

+ Some other exciting developments in the plans.

Resonance FM is a 24/7 radio platform encouraging creativity and experimentation - an art radio like no other - it's really worth checking out their programming (and not to forget Resonance Extra).