pixel 木

Pixel Tears - CPT - 30th Nov 2017


This will be the third public venue in which we present Pixel Tears. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we failed to secure funding for the show, so this will be the last for now. Get your tix here!

It's been a great chance for all of us to experiment within a diverse interdisciplinary group of artists. The first two shows were presented in the White Lab at Central Saint Martins earlier on in 2017, and the sound design included 30 pairs of wired headphones for the audience members. For our third and fourth public shows at the Ugly Duck we decided to proceed with a different approach - an eight-channel surround speaker arrangement around the audience. The CPT show will see us return to controlling the performance environment using headphones, but testing out a wireless set-up. Exciting times ahead.



Written, performed and directed by Grace Lambert

Co-directed and additional dramaturgy by Grace Strickland de Souza

Sound design by Erik Lintunen

Visual direction and set design by Rosemarie Back

Lighting design by Berta Pibernat Trias

Music by Francis Botu and Grace Lambert

Voice of Chrome by Jordan Chandler