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Bedtime Monologues - Pt. 2: ORBITAL RESONANCE w/ Ka. Louxm

Resonance FM
Friday 16th February 2018 (20-21 GMT)

"Lucas Boetsch (Ka. Louxm) has always loved music and how it influences human perception and our emotions. He started by playing the guitar until he discovered another passion - using software to record himself and sample music. He has been collecting records for some time now to find the perfect samples for his music, using an MPC and a turntable as his main tools.

Since starting his university studies in London, he has discovered new fervours - film scoring and sound recording. He is now trying to find his direction by producing in all kinds of projects and collaborations."

The theme of this broadcast is time + space. Our intention is to playfully simulate the flow of entropy in our universe during an eclectic 60 minutes of live improvisation. We begin with something highly structured and ascend into chaos - in respect to the arrow of time. Expect fun facts about spacetime & immersive electromagnetic recordings.