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Binaural Audio Test ###




Part 1:

Reading of text

Part 2:

Exploring the sonic space

Hunting sound (password: ###):

In the video above, the performer is equipped with two DPA 4060s, one in each ear. Audio is played back through eight channels into the space and I’m monitoring the binaural feed (performer’s perspective) with headphones.

This test was conducted to think about how the audience are going to interact with the sonic world of WWBE (read: work in progress/portfolio). Having the audience hear what the performer hears is an intimate experience, but leads to many technical challenges (read: previous experiments with headphones in the context of live performance/previous entries).

The main issue that was raised during the tests today was speech. The DPAs map the space nicely during listening, and thus provide an authentic binaural experience for the audience, but resting them at the opening of the ear canals proved to be an issue in some aspects of speaking - especially the S’s.

Movement was limited due to being wired. Next test will be trying out a wireless solution. I didn’t initially think that the cables would be an issue, but to make the movement more fluid I’ve concluded that this is worth trying out.