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Bedtime Monologues - Pt. 4: TBA w/ Lucie Štěpánková

Resonance FM
Friday 20th April 2018 (20-21 BST)

“Lucie is a student of Sound Art at London College of Communication, music producer and live performer. Trained by intuition and attentive listening she is inspired by the unsounding and barely audible events in the sonic world, deep listening, solitary exploration of natural and urban ecosystems and improvisation.

Her work merges field recording and synthetic sound, creating immersive imaginary moments in progressive ambient compositions that seek to expose and explore detail within evolving sound and its inherent nature to relate to the emotional contents of human condition.”

Broadcast description TBA. Initial ideas and themes to explore: boundaries of reality, imagination and dreams; dealing with emotions; consciousness of self; looking into movies that are center around the previously mentioned.