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Sound in Experimental Theatre - Workshop 1


7 participants + myself.

3 Y1 BA Sound Arts & Design LCC
1 Y2 BA Sound Arts & Design LCC
1 Y3 BA Sound Arts & Design LCC
2 Y2 MA Performance Design & Practice CSM

The first session of the workshop series brought together artists and practitioners of multiple disciplines.

The conversation was rich and engaging including continuous spontaneous tangents that were made possible thanks to the variety of interests that temporarily inhabited the space.

The interests that the participants expressed in regards to sound in the context of experimental theatre were varied: engagement of the audience with sonic material; improvisation; working with natural materials; activating small sounds; phantom environments; translation of movement into sonic terms and bridging of the moving body & the sonic expressions of it; thinking about space in relation to sound; interdisciplinary theatre making; existentialism and phenomenology in contemporary dance & re-contextualisation of movement; relationship of visual elements and sound; creating sound-based pieces of postdramatic theatre; sound improvisation using objects in a non-anthropocentric way and the potential performativity of objects.

Some really interesting references were brought up during the workshop, and they will be written out and archived (on my blog) at a later time.

The first session was mainly for introductions, context and discussion, whereas next week will be more hands-on. We covered some relevant historical developments, such as the aesthetic legacies of the 20th century avant-garde - discussing the (potential) role of noise, materiality of constructive elements in theatre and affect - moving on to some contemporary examples of sound design in experimental theatre, such as the use of EEG sonification (+ data sonification and digital interactivity in general), ways to diffuse and experience sound. I am expecting some e-mail feedback + ideas for the next session.

Themes for Workshop 2:

Audience experience

Confirmed content for next session (from participants):

Movement exercises
Short presentation about 1920s Soviet theatre