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Sound in Experimental Theatre - Workshop 2




7 participants + myself.

1 Y2 BA Sound Arts & Design LCC
2 Y3 BA Sound Arts & Design LCC
2 Y1 MA Sound Arts LCC
2 Y2 MA Performance Design & Practice CSM

As there were some people from the first session that did not attend this week and also some new people that did not attend the first one, we went through some of the material that had already been covered previously. This directed us onto a path of new interesting tangents, and the conversation was great food for thought. We spoke about cultural heritage and its influence on our conceptions of theatre and performance making.

The session included a variety of discussions, some hands-on time with binaural sound as well as contact microphones and M4L. We began some interesting movement exercises towards the end of the class, and felt interrupted when running out of time. To be continued...

Confirmed content for next session:

Contact improvisation.