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Jerwood Staging Series – Radiophonic Workshop

Workshop series. Two sessions.

These workshops aim to explore the creative use of sound in the contexts of radio broadcasting and audio artworks. The sessions engage with a London-based youth group, and work towards conception, development and production of a radiophonic piece using existing youth-run recording facilities, while also providing professional practice insight into the workings of an active community radio station – Resonance FM. The idea is to encourage processes of developing content and experiment with forms in which they could be delivered; learn about the technical aspects of recording and editing audio; develop contextual awareness.

The first workshop was led by Raju Rage, and involved the group visiting Resonance FM, at which I hosted the afternoon talking about creative ways of producing radio as well as giving them a tour of the station and details about its history.


The second workshop is led by myself and planned in collaboration with Holly Graham from Jerwood Visual Arts.