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Neuroimagined Dreamscapes #1

Latent Space Interpolations

Dabbling in GANs

Day Trip to the Quantum World

Becoming Kin: Mycelial Meditations

Meeting of the Minds 2019

The Art Schools of North West England

Deep Neuro_Imagining #1

WIRED Creative Hack Award 2018

#mood Prototyping

Interpreting Information from the V&A

Steamhack #4


Jerwood Staging Series – Radiophonic Workshop

pixel 木

Reddit Dreams

Partial Recall


Meditating I/Os IKLECTIK

Who cares? A radio tale

Phantom Field - 202 Gallery Pt. IV: MAPS

Bedtime Monologues E3: Phantom Space Documentation

Meditating I/Os Tickets On Sale now...

Barbican Pit Theatre Residency 26.-29.3.2018

Fold. by Lucie Stepankova

HOME Manchester Residency 12.-16.3.2018


Sound in Experimental Theatre - Workshop 3 + Series Documentation

Bedtime Monologues E2: Orbital Resonance Documentation

R&D Jams #1 + #2 w/ Ka. Louxm

Radia - Strangeness [Resonance FM]

Sound in Experimental Theatre - Workshop 2

Sound in Experimental Theatre - Workshop 1

BM Ep. 2 R&D

...When You Look Away

Bedtime Monologues E1: Beautiful Soul Syndrome Documentation

Jeff Mills: The Outer Limits (NTS)

PSi #24 DAEGU [Proposal]

VR References

Raspberry Pi: Python 101

Sound of Music (in a Box) -Inspired Weather Box

Lina Hermsdorf - State 0

Barbican Open Lab & HOME 2018 [Application]

Hive Mind & The Encounter R&D Resources

Space Proposals for Meditating I/Os

R&D Jam #2 w/ Artur S

BA Sound Arts Dissertation

Links of Interest (End of 2017)

R&D Jam w/ Artur S

Bedtime Monologues Pt. 4: TBA w/ Lucie Štěpánková

Bedtime Monologues Pt. 3: TBA w/ Louis King

Walthamstow Wetlands

Arduino 102

Arduino 101

Binaural Audio Test ###

Woodberry Wetlands

Glen Neath Interview

Meditating I/Os Video Feedback Test #1

Bedtime Monologues Pt. 2: ORBITAL RESONANCE w/ Ka. Louxm

Academic Support Meeting w/ Rachael Finney

Major Project Portfolio - Tutorial w/ Dr. John Wynne

Bedtime Monologues Pt. 1: BEAUTIFUL SOUL (BS) SYNDROME w/ Neanderthalic

Experimenting with The Brain

Tutorial with Dr. J. Milo Taylor

Updates: Works in Progress

Pixel Tears @ CPT - 30th Nov 2017

Meeting with Dr. Ed Baxter (Bedtime Monologues)

Recent Works in Pix

Aiste Noreikaite Interview

Audio Test for Meditating I/Os

Readings of Interest

Links of Interest

Interesting Landscapes / Spaces