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Bedtime Monologues Pt. 1: BEAUTIFUL SOUL (BS) SYNDROME w/ Neanderthalic

Resonance FM
Friday 19th January 2018 (20-21 GMT)

"Neanderthalic is one of the musical aliases of London based artist Artur Strekalov. Blending influences from contemporary dance music and avant-garde Artur creates non-genre specific experimental electronic music using a variety of instruments, samples, and field recordings.

Inspired by the Los Angeles beat scene in 2012 he first got into making left-field hip-hop instrumentals. In 2016 he started performing and releasing music via music streaming platforms under his real name which was changed later that year to Neanderthalic."

Our initial idea is to give voice to objects. We are exploring a number of subject matters, but most prominently anthropocentrism.

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