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Phantom Field - 202 Gallery Pt. IV: MAPS

Wei Prior:


Phantom Field is a collaborative exploration into imaginary sonic events through improvisation and interaction with objects and electronics.

Lucie Štěpánková is an electronic musician and sound artist investigating the limits of listening experience and the sonority of materials and objects. By combining synthesis, field recording and improvisation, her aim is to create emotionally vibrant sonic happenings and listening situations. She invites listeners to actively engage in explorations of the detail within sound through introducing repetition and slow progression over extended durations. Erik Lintunen is a young artist based in London, primarily interested in information experience and interaction, creating work in the contexts of digital and live arts. He is interested in systems and their environments, disjunctions of meaning and noise, and augmenting physical reality using technology.

CSM, 4th May 2018, 6-8pm.