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Bedtime Monologues

Radio performances. 3 x 60 mins.

A three-part series of monthly radio performances exploring a specific theme with a changing collaborator each time. These improvised broad casts will follow absurd trails of thought of their creators – inspired by curiosity, memories, imaginations and everything in between. The performances are a collection of sonic bedtime stories experimenting with ourselves and the world that surrounds us.

Our dreamlike landscapes of sound aim to immerse listeners in time and space – playfully discussing heavy themes, such as anthropocentrism; time and space; boundaries of reality, imagination and dreams. The sourced material varies across the broadcasts, consisting of manipulated field recordings; sampled interviews, talks and films; poetry and other text; combining our pre-prepared sequences with live music, reading and games. This is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between artists of many practices – merging our ways of working together into a single stereo output of sound – unique collisions of aesthetic interests, energies and stories to share with the world. The pool of research and preparation for each broadcast acts as a mere framework within which to play live, leading us on unexpected tangents and hopefully some exciting future work.

TLDR: sonic obscurities, collaborations and improvisations to explore real-world topics in playful ways.

Co-production. Resonance 104.4 FM central London, DAB to Greater London, live streamed online to the rest of the world, January-April 2018.