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Sound in Experimental Theatre

Workshop series. Three sessions.

Designed to be a mutually beneficial learning experience, rather than conventional lectures, the series is catered for all Sound Art (LCC) + Performance Design and Practice (CSM) students with an interest in sound for theatre and live performance.

The sessions discuss a variety of contexts relating to sound in performance making: interaction, immersion and audience experience… touching on the aesthetic legacies of the 20th century avant-garde and the emergence of postdramatic performance. The purpose of the workshops is to bring together artists across disciplines to share their interests and experiences in a non-hierarchical manner, within a setting that encourages experimentation.

“The distortion of ideas, models and theories when they are taken outside their disciplinary context is not only a necessary risk but also - more importantly - a possible source of invention. The perturbation of these disciplinary ‘messages’ comes with potentially unexpected insights that may allow alternative ways of understanding phenomena and their operations.” (Thompson, 2017)

Performance Lab, London College of Communication, January-February 2018.